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New - Bracelet MACH 2 EVAA Edition

New - Bracelet MACH 2 EVAA Edition

€100.00 Regular Price
€50.00Sale Price
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NEW EDITION for the French Air Force Aerobatic Team

Today, we have decided to bring and support in our own way and with our own means, the Foundation of social works in the air.

Like many, this foundation, seeing the canceled Cognac and Luxueuil meetings, finds itself in a delicate situation.

We have decided to highlight an Air Force Ambassadors edition, our MACH 2 50 EVAA Edition bracelets will therefore be sold at a price of 65 euros, part of which will be donated to FOSA.

From its ranks come the greatest champions. Individual and team world champion, it is the little sister and neighbor of the Patrouille de France, based on the same track, and on the same base, at Salon de Provence where the Air School is also located. trains officers of the Air Force. She celebrated her 50th birthday last year.


The pilots of this team wear the same pale blue coveralls as the Patrouille de France. They all come from combat or transport aviation and each year participate in some forty air events throughout Europe. Like the Patrouille de France, they are the ambassadors of the Air Force.



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