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Bracelet MACH 2 AIR TAHITI NUI Charme Edition

Bracelet MACH 2 AIR TAHITI NUI Charme Edition

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As an official partner , we have the privilege and honor of being Air Tahiti Nui ambassadors .

This wonderful company was created in 1996, to link the world to one of its greatest jewels, the islands of Tahiti.


Our MACH 2 Edition Air Tahiti Nui bracelets are the result of a partnership based on values, excellence and escape.


The MACH 2 Air Tahiti Edition adopts a module with Polynesian engravings.

This 4-sided module represents 4 iconic tattoos of Tahitian culture that can also be found on the tattooed livery of the company's Tahitian Dreamliner.

The Whale: The Force

The Eye of the Tiki: Protection or the protective gaze

The Manta Ray: Elegance

The Albatross: Freedom


Inside the bracelet, you will discover the inscription: To Tatou Manureva

"To Tatou Manureva means: our plane, which is no longer translated by our company internally. Plane comes from the metaphor of Manu: bird and Reva: travel, united together gives the traveling bird which reflects the plane" according to Aurélie Besnard, communication and marketing manager of the famous Polynesian company.


This bracelet is an invitation to travel, for all aviation enthusiasts and a change of scenery.


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