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Coin's 50 YEARS EVAA

Coin's 50 YEARS EVAA

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Coin's is a sacred and precious commodity.


It marks our loyalty and our eternal belonging to a unit, squadron or squadron and its traditions. The possession of Coin's must be earned more every day in the attitude, behavior and respect for others. A Coin's also called coin of challenge in the French tradition, is a small coin or a medal (generally military) representing a corporation and worn by the members. They were created to prove membership in an association or a unit. As so often in military tradition, the origins of the challenge coin are subject to debate with, it must be said, little supporting evidence.


Although many communities claim to have been the originator of the challenge coin, the most common opinion is that the tradition began in the United States Air Force during World War I. In numismatics, the coin is a piece of metal, usually steel and cylindrical in shape, on which the imprint of a coin or medal is debossed. This engraving is made from a die, made by a master engraver.


Diameter: 45mm


Limited edition.

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