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Supersonic Black frame & amp; Silver Mirror Edition

Supersonic Black frame & amp; Silver Mirror Edition

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Limited edition sunglasses - 100 numbered copies - Delivery January 2020


Supersonic frame incorporating an original part of the Concorde Sierra Delta, in the upper part of the frame.


In ebony Tanganika wood and aluminum with category 3 polarized silver mirror lenses (also available with gray gradient polarized category 3 lenses).


A version in Tanganika brown is also available with gradient brown lenses or category 3 polarized silver mirror.


Tanganika wood comes from the humid forests of the equatorial band which crosses Africa from Sierra Leone to Liberia, passing through Côte d'Ivoire and Zaire, to the Great Lakes area and Ethiopia. A vast territory steeped in mystery, exclusive flavors and endemic tree species. Also called L'Aniégré (Aningeria Superba), the Tanganika is creamy yellow to pale pink or reddish brown in color. It becomes darker on exposure to light. Its structure is striped, with a medium texture. The ebony and brown shade is achieved with natural and hypoallergenic dyes.


You can book now the numbers 001 and 007.


About Gold & Wood:

Gold & Wood , an Exceptional House created in 1995 by Maurice Léonard, who sets up his artisanal manufacture in the north of Luxembourg. The master eyewear craftsmen of the manufacture cultivate the perfection of the gesture within the strict rules of luxury craftsmanship.

Gold & Wood and Aero-Design innovate by offering the first pair of glasses containing a precious relic of the famous supersonic. An original part of the Concorde Sierra Delta is integrated into the upper part of the frame.

Aero-Design and Gold & Wood share the same craftsmanship and values such as respect for creation, authenticity, attention to detail, and customer service. Their primary motivation is to respond to his quest for meaning in his purchases and to offer him emotion thanks to objects that have a history.

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